Victory at Robarts!

Posted on January 24th, 2009

Frank Sharipov improved his record to an impressive 6-2 on Saturday in his most dominant performance to date. Typically reliant on his strength as a wrestler and his evolving skills on the ground, Sharipov brought a whole new game plan to the cage against ATT black belt Reynaldo Duarte, keeping the fight off the ground, delivering well executed and effective striking, and giving people yet another reason to continue to follow him on his quest for a featherweight title.

Jamie Yager of BET’s Iron Ring debuted at the event and won in a questionable stoppage in the first round due to a cut near Eric Haritakis’s eye. Yager’s boastful speech regarding his “victory” following the fight was enough to anger everyone within 10 miles of the arena, bringing the crowd to its feet in hostility, and likely not gaining the new fighter any fans. Yager probably should have left the PR skills he learned from his coach on the show, rapper TI, back in the Iron Ring.

We look forward to the next Art of Fighting and hopefully a Paragon Fighter will get the chance to hand him his first loss and shut him up.

Art of Fighting’s Rumble at Robarts will be featured on Inside MMA on Friday February 6 on HDNet.

Special thanks to our sponsors K-Rock Hard Nutrition, Projekt Label Fightwear and Fourty 7 Clothing.

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