Bad Judgement in Georgia

Posted on April 21st, 2009

We are proud to announce Frank Sharipov as the victor in this weekend’s matchup against Diego Saraiva at Wild Bill’s Fight Night.  Unfortunately, the judges were apparently watching a different event when they decided who would take home the official win in this matchup.  Frank clearly dominated each and every round in the main event fight-landing more strikes, completing more takedowns, constantly pushing the pace of the fight and maintaining control of the ring, but losing this bout to hometown favoritism.

All in attendance were surprised at the outcome, but in Georgia, where the MMA appeals process is non-existent, no amount of protest could reverse the decision.  This may be a loss on paper, but Sharipov continues to prove that he can take on bigger guys, better records, and every challenge he is faced with.  While UFC Veteran Saraiva fought a good battle, this was clearly a case of bad judging, and we will look for a rematch in another state in the future.

This was another successful promotion put on by Wild Bill’s in Atlanta, with several great fights throughout the night, including Georgia’s first female Pro MMA fight between Lizzy Miller and Tanya Reyes.  We will be posting pics and video soon.  Special thanks to Forty Seven Clothing and Throwin’ Knuckles for continuing to support Frank in his Mixed Martial Arts career and to Wild Bill’s for the opportunity and for always putting on a good show.

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